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HVAC Services

A Plus Plumbing understands the significance of achieving and maintaining an ideal indoor climate. Efficiently addressing your HVAC system concerns not only enhances the overall comfort of your home but also helps in curbing unnecessary energy expenses. Our inventory includes a diverse range of top-notch HVAC systems at highly competitive rates.

Why A Plus HVAC Repair and Installation?

At A Plus HVAC Services, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of HVAC care. Whether you're facing a malfunctioning system or considering a new installation, our skilled technicians leverage advanced video technology to provide accurate assessments and deliver tailored solutions.

Signs you need an HVAC repair:

  • Cool air coming from the heater

  • Warn air coming from the AC

  • Bad airflow

  • Unpleasant or unusual odors

  • Noises, humming, or grinding

  • Rust or corrosion

  • Decline in energy efficiency

  • Increase in utility bills

Your Solution to HVAC Repairs in Central PA

Here at A Plus Plumbing, we understand how crucial your home's heating and cooling systems are for your family's comfort. Our awesome HVAC contractors are all about getting the job done right the first time, saving you from headaches and future costly repairs. Our mission? To go above and beyond, providing you with top-notch service and leave you saying, "Wow, that was easy!"


What Our Clients Say about Us

Alexa Y.

“Andy came to our home within 24 hours of contacting him.  He quickly fixed our plumbing issue, which was a tremendous relief. He is quite personable and punctual. "

Lisa D.

Excellent service, from setting up appointment to fixing the problem. Andy arrived at on time, was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He looked at the problem, explained the fix, and gave me a quote before he started.”

Morgan J.

"Our experience was great. Andy was responsive and identified our plumbing problem that another plumber missed! His work was thorough and he did a great job communicating with us."

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